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Canine Covers® Travel Safe Harness
Travel Safe Harness

Travel Safe Harness

Available with BLUE or PINK tether/leash that acts as a walking leash, and a sewn-in D-ring is also included for a regular leash.

Travel Safe Harness

Help keep your pet safe, and also the other occupants of the vehicle!

Seatbelt wearing humans are protected in most accidents, give your dog the same kind of protection! Dogs not secured by a harness can be ejected through the windshield, and even worse can crash into the head and neck of front seat passengers causing serious injury.

The Travel Safe Harness is so unique it's patented!

The unique design results in one of the strongest, most convenient safety systems on the market. It is independently tested to human seat belt standards.


Things you need to know if your dog is not harnessed during travel:

  • A 60-pound pet can become a 2,700 pound projectile, even when your car is moving at only 35mph
  • Statistics show pet travel has increased 300% since 2005 and 80% of pet owners travel with their pet.
  • Unrestrained pets in vehicles can delay emergency workers' access to human occupants
  • Pets escaping a vehicle post-accident can pose many dangers, including the loss of a loose pet
  • Injured pets may bite rescue workers or others who are trying to help
  • Pets may escape through a window or open door and cause a second accident
  • Driver distraction is common when unrestrained pets are rambunctious inside a vehicle

Travel Harness features & benefits compared to others:

  • Safety – any stress will be placed on your dog’s chest instead of its delicate neck
  • Comfort – the tether/leash has two openings for the seat belt, one that allows for some movement (like head out the window) and one that severely restricts movement
  • Strength – webbing exceeds S.A.E. standards for human seatbelts
  • Convenience – easy to use, can be left on all day, in & out of the car
  • Vet Approved – designed with input from a veterinary orthopedic surgeon and design engineer

Size Chest
(measure behind front legs)
(base of neck)
Price (each)
XSM 13" to 18" max 15" $53
SM1 19" to 23" max 19" $54
SM2 24" to 27" max 21" $55
MD1 28" to 30" 20" to 22" $57
MD2 31" to 34" 22" to 24" $58
LG 33" to 41" 25" to 29" $59
XLG 33" to 49" 33" to 36" $60

* Pets should only be buckled up in the back seat just as you would a child. The airbag deploys with such force that it can injure or even kill a pet in the front seat.

Fitting The Harness
Safe, Comfortable & Vet Approved
Easy to use, works with all automotive seatbelts. Two straps allow some size adjustment at the neck and chest for “fine-tuning” the fit. Adjustment straps secured to the patented continuous “figure 8” design using strong X-box stitching. The tether/leash can be easily rolled and secured when not in use.
Crash Test Video
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